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My 3 step process to hydrated & glowing skin

Posted on May 01 2022

There are a million skin care products out there, and many times a routine can include over 10 products - but on the regular, who has time for that? 

I have 3 staple products that I used most of the time when I'm not doing a full skin care routine.  These 3 products are my staple products, and no matter what, I apply them 2x per day. 

This 3 step process includes:

  1.  Cleanser
  2. Serum
  3. Moisturizer

Cleansing of course cleans the skin, removes dirt & oil, dead skin, and overtime is absolutely necessary to keep pores from clogging.  There are many ways to cleanse the skin, including even just oil, but water alone actually makes the skin dirtier by pushing the dirt and oil into the pores instead of breaking it down to remove it (remember, oil & water don't mix).  For me, 9 times out of 10 I use one of our facial cleansing bars, in particular the Donkey Milk Soap (will link below).

Adding a serum is very important because it hydrates the skin to the deeper layers, promoting wonderful hydrated skin cells that will begin to rise to the surface as your skin sheds.  If those deeper layers don't hydrate, it doesn't matter how many times you use a scrub, toner or mask... the new cells are going to be more prone to damage and aging if they aren't hydrated. The serum is also a great way to add more customizations into your routine based on your skin's needs, and can be changed or rotated with other serums regularly.

Moisturizer - the cherry on top.  Do not forget this step, even if your skin is oily. A moisturizer is absolutely necessary to protect the skin, lock in the moisture, and be it's guard throughout the day.  Our moisturizers in particular not only restore the skin but they also protect the skin from free radical damage and help the moisture stay into the skin all day. 

Wondering which cleanser, serum and moisturizer to use? Take our Skin Care Quiz HERE

I use the A7 Bundle which includes the Donkey Milk Soap, Face Oil - Anti Aging & Anti Wrinkle, and Renewal Face Moisturizer.  I also use the Face Creme at night.



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