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How To: Oil Cleansing Method

Posted on May 16 2022

You may have heard of Oil Cleansing or Oil Washing, but what is it exactly and what's the point? 
We all have heard that oil & water don't mix, and when you're trying to unclog your pores sometimes water (with soap) just doesn't quite cut it...literally. When trying to clean out pores, it is important to cut the dirty oil by breaking it down in the skin, helping it come out naturally overtime.  We want the skin to unclog in a gentle manner - no pickers here! 
The best way to be gentle on your skin while trying to clean it up, clear it out, and unclog/detox is to mix oil with oil.  What does that mean? 
Clogged pores are often filled with dead skin, sweat & dirt mixed with natural skin oils that have been trapped.  Using a scrub can be great, but there's more to it than that.  Sometimes the clogged pores can harden and that further traps the dirt & oil, causing more clogged pores and the beginning of a vicious cycle.
Using an oil cleanser can actually soften the contents in the clogged pores, break it down, and help flush it out in a very gentle, non-abrasive and non-damaging manner. 
Applying an oil cleanser is easy, and doesn't really take up more time than washing it in a traditional manner - about 1 minute.  Follow our visual guide above on how to properly do this. 
What do I use to oil cleanse?
There are many options that can be used, even traditional high quality olive oil, and it works great... but if you're looking for something that provides additional skin support and benefits, keep reading: 
1. Cream Cleanser:  Our Cream Cleanser focuses on aging with grace, contains wrinkle-preventing essential oils, and even has finely grated soap particles inside that help remove the dirt & oil once it's broken down by the high concentration of oils and butters in this cleanser.  This is a fantastic option for those with dry and/or sensitive skin.  This product comes in a 2oz jar, and the contents need to remain dry to preserve shelf life.
2. Vitamin C Oil Cleanser: In a pump, many prefer this product for ease of use, but it also has some different benefits than the Cream Cleanser.  Not quite as hydrating as the Cream Cleanser, this oil cleanser focuses on skin tone, glow, and cleaning out pores - great for normal to oily skin.  Make sure you use this product at night or avoid sun exposure after use.  We use citrus essential oil to give this product its vitamin C, which has a higher concentration of vitamin C per volume than the chemically-created ascorbic acid found in most vitamin c products (which you don't want).
3. My Everything Balm: One product - many uses. This balm can be used for so many things, and oil cleansing is one of them.  It can take off makeup, remove dirt and oil from pores, and wipes away clean.  With 4 scent options to choose from, including natural scent, there is something for everyone. This product is great for very dry/dehydrated skin or for those who wear a lot of makeup.



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