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Wild Grown Collection - Secrets of Great Skin

Posted on May 11 2022

Our green label products represent a collection I (Jessica) am so proud of.  These products form the Wild Grown Collection, a collection that features wild and unique ingredients found in the earth that are rare, and unique to skin care, but serve many amazing benefits to beautiful, healthy & glowing skin.


What are some of the ingredients? 

Starting with the more common Chia Seed Oil and Matcha, and ending with our rare ones like Tamanu Oil, Maca Powder, Babassu Oil and Emu Oil, the ingredients are high in antioxidants, fats, and vitamins that are helpful in actually correcting and repairing skin.  They are known to hydrate while correcting skin cells and creating a more glowing and wholesome complexion.  These products create that dewy skin dream, and allow you to go no-makeup on the regular.

Products in the Collection:

*Click on any of the titles below to view the product

  1. Renewal Face Moisturizer
  2. Matcha Face Mask
  3. Matcha Sugar Scrub
  4. Acne Spot Treatment
  5. Cold Compress Serum
  6. Hydration Hair Serum
  7. Matcha & Honey Soap 
  8. Renewal Salt Scrub
  9. Matcha Lemonade Lip Scrub




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