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3 Things I Do Each Morning as an Entrepreneur with Kids

Posted on July 30 2021

So many people have asked me - How do you do it? You must be SO BUSY! 

Yup pretty much - I am so busy. But there are 3 things I do each morning that really kickstart my day and help me accomplish all of my tasks.  Plus I have added some little bonuses at the end of some great resources I use.

1. Wake up EARLY.  I don't mean 7am.  I mean 5:30.  Now... 5:30 is an acceptable time for me because my kids sleep in until 8.  When school is back in session and they have to be up at 7, I get up earlier (and go to bed earlier too).  Basically what I'm saying is I have 2 to 2.5 hours in the morning before the tots wake up.  Sometimes I work, sometimes I do the dishes or laundry, or sometimes I make my planner updates for my week ahead - but no matter what I do something productive.  And yes, sitting and clearing out my "I have so much to do" thoughts IS productive in my opinion as long as I'm writing and sorting them out into a planner that allows me to accomplish them. (I'll link my favorite below)

2. Give myself 15 minutes of ME TIME.  This is when I do a lot of my skin care.  I don't consider this part of getting ready in the morning because it isn't a necessity to physically walk out the door.  It is an added bonus of something that I do for myself every single day to help me feel like I'm not a work-crazed person that doesn't do fun things. I'm fun, I swear!  For me, skin care of course isn't optional, but it can sure be cut down when there isn't enough time in the day.  That being said, I make time! Just like I make time to make healthy dinners and drink water throughout the day, I make time for my skincare because to me, it isn't optional - it's a lifestyle.

3. Accomplish 1 thing off of my to do list PLUS make coffee and enjoy it - all at once.  This is one of those great moments because you know what it does? It gives you CONFIDENCE that your day will be productive and awesome.  It's 6:30 am and I've already knocked something out plus made a kick ass cup of coffee (see my link below)? Absolutely a positive mood booster and gives the feeling of a sense of accomplishment.


As a side note, I really like to be dressed and ready when my kids wake up. It makes the morning easier, less hectic and I can focus on getting them going in the morning without having to worry about myself. 


Here are some of the resources I use:

1. Kick a$$ coffee... United Coffee Box

2. Planner ... Kit Life Planners

3. My morning skin care... Bundle A7



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