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Under Eye Creme VS Eye & Neck Tightening Treatment

Posted on May 07 2020

We get this question a lot, so we have decided to lay it all out on the table about our two eye care products and what they do, and why they’re different.

Let’s start with the one that was released first, the Under Eye Crème. This product was designed as one of our first skin care products, and even after years of continued research the recipe has not been changed or altered ONCE because people love it, swear by it, and can’t live without it.  Here’s what the Under Eye Crème can do for you:

  • Reduce puffiness/inflammation
  • Hydrate
  • Rid dark circles (over time)*
  • Promote eyelash growth*
  • Remove eye makeup
  • Promote cellular turnover
  • Kill bacteria*
  • Calm the skin and reduce redness

While you’ll see a lot of these benefits overlap with the Eye & Neck Tightening Treatment, many of the benefits are unique to just the Under Eye Crème. Those unique benefits are marked with a *.


The Eye & Neck Tightening Treatment was released a few years later as an anti-aging spin on the previously mentioned Under Eye Crème.  It’s focus was to firm, tighten and promote some serious anti-aging components that the original Under Eye Crème wasn’t capable of.  We also made it 2x the size to cover both the eyes and neck/decolletage area.

Here are the benefits of the Eye & Neck Tightening Treatment:

  • Reduce puffiness/inflammation
  • Hydrate
  • Remove eye makeup
  • Promote cellular turnover
  • Calm the skin and reduce redness
  • Tighten & Firm the skin for up to 4 hours at a time*
  • Reduce and possibly remove appearance of wrinkles and fine lines*
  • Dose the skin with anti-oxidants which can help protect future signs of aging from occurring*
  • Create a smoother and softer skin appearance*
  • Can help balance skin tone*
  • Correct sun damage*

There are so many benefits to both treatments, and they have enough differences that can help you decide which one better suit your needs and wants.  Some customers want to address both lists of concerns, and they actually alternate between the two.  Please just remember that these products are 100% natural and need to be used within 3-6 months at most.

Which one is best for your needs?


Under Eye Creme

Eye & Neck Tightening Treatment



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