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Posted on June 06 2019

Is the grass really greener on the other side? 
We just released 3 Matcha-based products, all green with love, antioxidants, purity and so much more...
Learn more about matcha, what it does for your skin and how we have incorporated it into your skin care products!
What is matcha?? Matcha is the purest of green teas, in powder form, that is known for its amazing detoxifying properties to the body while being packed with high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  It traditionally is known to be ingested, but I have done my research on this amazing ingredient and how it can benefit the skin, too.

So, let’s talk matcha! Trust me, after you read about all of the incredible benefits of this amazing ingredient, you'll be saying, “Thank you very matcha”, too! We have 3 brand new matcha products that have been released as a part of our WILD GROWN Collection that are already hitting the top-selling charts.  Let’s break them down!
1. Matcha & Honey Soap - $12 
This soap is going to become your new bestie! It’s made with ORGANIC MATCHA GREE TEA & RAW FLORIDA HONEY so it’s sure to leave your skin feeling super smooth! Thanks to those amazing ingredients, this soap is packed with antioxidants and fatty acids that can restore your skin and reduce inflammation! It is also an amazing addition to your anti-aging skin care regimen. Have sensitive skin? This is the one for you! This soap is so gentle and can calm irritated skin! There’s also geranium essential oil added in, which is packed with anti-aging benefits… as if this could get any better! At only $12 you really can’t pass this soap up!
2. Matcha Sugar Scrub - $14
 Picture all of those amazing benefits from the soap PLUS the added benefit of exfoliation… oh yes we did!  This product has a list of benefits a mile long! It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, detoxifying, calming, rejuvenating, and brightening just to name a few! Made with ingredients like CHIA SEED OIL & CAMELINA OIL that are unique and new in skin care, but are nutrient-packed beneficial properties that seriously boost your skin’s natural beauty.  This is definitely a must-add to your skin care routine!
3. Matcha Face Mask - $22
As if our matcha collection couldn't get any better, we topped it off with a face mask! If you don’t have a face mask in your skin care regimen you are seriously missing out on some incredible benefits of detoxification! Made with ORGANIC MATCHA GREEN TEA & CALENDULA PEDALS this mask is sure to leave your skin feeling hydrated & rejuvenated! Never used one of our masks before? They're powder! That way you get the maximum amount of product! Just scoop 1 TBS of the mask, add in a few drops of water, mix, & apply! The Wicked Witch will definitely be green with envy over everyone who gets their hands on this!
All of the products mentioned above are available online and in our Winter Garden store front!
So which one will you try?



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