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Posted on July 25 2019

College is hard! Let us help you make it a little bit more bearable! We’ve created a list of five products that are a MUST to make surviving college wayyyyy easier!


1. Acne Spot Treatment - $18         

     College is stressful. There’s a lot of homework, quizzes, tests, and exams. You’re bound to have a few not-so-friendly stress pimples pop up. Combat them with our Acne Spot Treatment. Made with Organic Chia Seed Oil & Manuka Oil to help fight bacteria & reduce inflammation! Adios pimples, hello clear, stress free skin!


2. Deodorant Creme - $12        

     Ok so listen, you’re going to be walking from class to class all over campus. You could end up getting yourself into a sweaty, stinky situation. Keep your confidence up when you walk through those lecture-room doors, and use our all-natural aluminum and baking soda free Deodorant Creme. This has an amazing cooling effect with a nice peppermint & lavender scent. You’re sure to smell fresh with this!


3. Hand Sanitizer - $7        

     Do you know how many germs you’ll be touching during your days at school?? A LOT! The last thing you want is to get sick and miss important information from your classes. Use our Hand Sanitizer to keep clean and disinfected so you’re ready to take on the semester with ease! It smells great too!


4. Cheek & Lip Stain - $15        

     Let me give you a piece of advice…DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THAT 8AM CLASS!!! Did you listen to me? Odds are no… As much as you think you'll wake up early to look presentable for that class, you'll probably be too tired from studying the night before. But don't fear, our Cheek & Lips Stains are here to save the day! Available in four shades, this is the perfect product to give you a little bit of color to help make you look a bit more presentable in no time flat!


5. Eye & Neck Tightening Treatment - $28    

     So, you stayed up half the night studying and you wake up the next morning to find some not so designer bags have made their way under your eyes. Try our Eye & Neck Tightening Treatment made with Coffee Butter to help de-puff and firm your under eye area! The delicious coffee scent is sure to help you get your morning started too!

Take the unneeded stresses of college away! Shop now! All of these products & more are available now in store & online at



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