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Lip Scrubs: What's The Point?

Posted on July 07 2020

Maybe you've heard of lip scrubs, or maybe you haven't, either way you may be asking yourself what exactly they are and why you need one. Lip scrubs are as simple as they sound, yet they're designed in such a specific way that truly targets your lips and their needs.

We have answered some FAQs about this mystery product, and hopefully by the end of this post you'll see the benefits of incorporating this into your routine!


What does a lip scrub do?

In a simple answer, a lip scrub exfoliates the dead skin off of your lips. Don't let that simple answer fool you though... they truly do so much more behind the scenes. By exfoliating the dead skin off of your lips, it allows for your lips to better absorb product, making your lip balm more effective. It removes the barrier that dead skin can cause, which makes your lip balm sit on top of the surface of your lips, versus fully soaking in. If you scrub around your lips as well focusing on the delicate skin around your mouth, using a product designed to promote product absorption can also reduce signs of aging.  The skin around the mouth is one of the first areas that show someone's age.  Prevention is key in this area, and it is never too early to start.

Why can't I just use my face scrub on my lips?

Well, you definitely could use your face scrub over your lips, but a lip scrub is designed with richer ingredients that may be too heavy for the face, and is also going to be made with ingredients that if ingested will not cause issues. Think of a lip scrub sort of like a lip balm or a lip gloss. As those products wear off, you truly are ingesting a lot of it just from talking, eating/drinking, etc. You want those ingredients to safe. Of course, all of our products are all natural and technically all of our products will not harm you if ingested, but the ingredients in our lip scrubs are specifically chosen because they are 100% safe to ingest. Keep in mind, you don't want to eat these like a snack (although they taste amazing), but ingesting some while scrubbing your lips is totally safe! 

 How often should I scrub my lips? Should I follow up with another product after?

 Just like any of our other scrubs, you don't want to use these more than 2-3x per week. Our lip scrubs are packed full of hydrating ingredients, but you'll still always want to follow up with a lip balm to lock in the moisture. 

What lip scrubs are offered at Wildflower Beauty by Jessica? 

We are so glad you asked! We offer 3 different lip scrubs in 3 different collections. The first is our Matcha Lemonade Lip Scrub. Think of this as the Arnold Palmer of lip scrubs, made with tea and lemonade. It is full of anti-aging properties from the high concentration of antioxidants, it tastes amazing, and it's a part of the Wild Grown Collection because its made with incredibly beneficial and exotic ingredients! 

Next, we have the Lavender Coffee Lip Scrub. This is such a unique flavor, but it works so well together. It'll have even coffee haters on board! This one is a part of our Spa Collection for anti-aging. This is because the coffee in the scrub is a fantastic plumping agent that can take years off of your lips by firming and tightening the skin!

Lastly, is our Florida Citrus Lip Scrub. This one is so near and dear to us, as we are a Florida based company, so of course we had to add it to our Wildflower Originals collection! The vitamin C in this helps to balance and nourish the skin on and around your lips, leaving them soft, smooth, and hydrated! 

We love our lip scrubs and we're sure you will too! Give them a try! Trust us, adding this little product into your routine makes a big difference!



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