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Let's Talk Routine

Posted on May 08 2018

Let’s Talk Routine

Our customers (and us too!) love how seamlessly Wildflower Beauty by Jessica products make awesome skincare routines!

We know it is important to consistently use gentle, non-toxic body products for skin health AND overall health; the skin is the largest organ of the body after all!

So, we are excited to share two helpful regiments with you, plus one for babies! They really are a breeze, and totally customizable! We hope you are inspired and encouraged!

Variation 1 – Getting Started

FACE Routine:

Face soap of choice

Face Crème

BODY Routine:

Shea Butter soap of choice

Body Butter – Lavender, Vanilla, or Lemongrass

 *Basic Staples Shopping List: Face Soap ($7), Face Crème ($13), Shea Butter Soap ($7), Body Butter ($13)

Once you love these basics (which we know you will!), you can add in items to strengthen your routine. Here are a few options:


Variation 2 – Movin’ Up

Add these to Variation 1 for a super effective care routine!

FACE Routine:

Under Eye Crème

Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Face Oil or Brightening & Balancing Face Oil


BODY Routine:

Sugar Scrub (5 varieties to choose from)

Body Butter or Cocoa Butter Body Whip (3 scents to choose from)


When you’re ready to kick it up another notch, our Spa Line, which focuses on anti-aging, and Hair Care Line have even more fantastic additions to your routine! Come on in and visit us in-store—we’re happy to help!


Now, for the sweet little ones in your life: Babies and little kiddos need the gentlest skincare available. Our baby line, like everything we make, is 100% FREE of any toxins, unnatural fragrances, colors, or chemicals that are often present in “safe” baby products.


Baby Routine

For bath time: Use Baby Castile Soap as body wash and shampoo

Following bath: Rub Baby Night-Time Body Crème on body, and Baby Bum Balm as a diaper crème

Use Calm Baby essential oil roll-on on back of neck and small amount on feet (MUST clothe baby in footed onesie in case they put their feet in their mouth)

For extra relaxation and calming, try diffusing our Lavender essential oil in baby’s room. 



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