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it's ALWAYS SUMMER in our hearts!

Posted on June 10 2020

Wildflower Beauty by Jessica is a local Florida based company. When you think of Florida, you may think theme parks and tourists, but we think ALWAYS SUMMER! Our new collection is focused around products that make you feel like you're enjoying the Florida summer sun, all year long!

Keep on reading to learn about each one of these products & why we chose it for this collection!

 Inside of this collection, we have included two soaps:

Rose Tea Beauty Bar - $16

The first is our Rose Tea Beauty Bar. This bar is designed for the face & body to help maximize skin beauty & glow.  It is packed full of skin boosting ingredients, made with an herbal tea blend designed for women & complexion making this soap a game changer for skin cleansing!  We chose this soap in our ALWAYS SUMMER collection because it gives your skin the beautiful glow you get after enjoying a relaxing summer vacation in the sun.


Tropical Mojito Soap - $9

Next is our Tropical Mojito Soap. This body soap is designed to improve skin tone & maximize hydration. The tropical yet minty scent keeps your skin feeling so refreshed! What better soap to include in this collection than one that makes you feel like you're having drinks at a fancy pool or yacht club.




Beachin' Hair - $14

The next product is one that's been around for awhile and is now a part of this collection because it's the perfect summer essential for all seasons of the year. Our Beachin' Hair is a sea salt texturizing spray that gives your hair the waves you're looking for without drying it out! Use this spray on wet hair if you already have some natural texture that you want to enhance, or put it on dry, freshly curled hair to turn those curls into a beachy dream!



Hair Treatment - $12

The next product is another long-term favorite that we added into this collection. Our Hair Treatment not only smells like a delicious coconut drink (using natural alcohol-free coconut extract), but it's also a weekly treatment for damaged, frizzed, brittle, or sun damaged hair. It's perfect to use after a long day spent at the beach, pool and FL lakes!





Natural Sunscreen - $16 - $16.50

It can't be the summertime without sunscreen! We've taken a necessary product & made it 100% chemical free by using some amazing oils, zinc, & natural SPF ingredients like vitamin E & coconut oil. Previously, we only offered our Natural Scented Sunscreen, but we are now also offering a delicious smelling Coconut Scented Sunscreen



After Sun Relief Spray - $16

Being in the sun can be so drying to the skin, & whether or not you're sunburned, we've got the perfect product for you! Our After Sun Relief Spray is a refreshing & slightly cooling mist that your skin needs after any sun exposure! Sun damage accounts for 90% of our skins damage & 80% of our aging. Spraying this on immediately after sun exposure can reduce the effects the sun can have on your skin. Plus, if you do happen to be using this to help treat a sunburn, there's no need to rub this product in & touch your burn! Just spray it on the effected areas & let it dry!



Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub - $14

Going out in the summer usually means shorts & tank tops. We've got a few products to make your legs & arms look even more amazing in them! Our Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub is a deliciously smelling body scrub designed for skin clarity, firmness, & glow! It's the perfect addition to your shower routine, and you only need to use it 2-3x per week to see some great results!



Coconut Shimmer Oil - $18

Next, we have our Coconut Shimmer Oil. Yes, you read that right. This shimmer oil smells amazing, & it gives your skin just the right amount of glow! It's hydrating to keep your skin soft, & with the added in bronze mica you get the perfect subtle shimmer! 



SPF Coconut Smooch Lip Balm - $9.50

Lastly in the collection, we have the SPF Coconut Smooch Lip Balm! We are obsessed with this product because it combines so many amazing qualities into one tube! It's hydrating, has SPF 15, & it has the most gorgeous nude-pink tint! Seriously, what more could we ask for?!


Our ALWAYS SUMMER collection has something for everyone, & it's sure to give you those summer vibes all year long. So, which product are you trying next?




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