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Posted on June 06 2019

Our Face Crème is our number one best-selling product. We sell out almost every week thanks to our very loyal customers who absolutely swear by it! It has been a staple for many for years. We love our Face Crème too, but we wanted another amazing moisturizer to add to the mix! As a part of our WILD GROWN COLLECTION we are so excited to release your new favorite crème the RENEWAL FACE MOISTURIZER.
     I know for our loyal Face Crème lovers and those who have never tried a Face Crème from us there will be a lot of questions. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Let’s first talk about the basic benefits of this moisturizer. The RENEWAL FACE MOISTURIZER will help IMPROVE SKIN ELASTICITY, RESTORE FATTY ACIDS, PROVIDE OMEGA 3 & VITAMIN E, PREVENT FINE LINES & WRINKLES, & PROVIDE DOSES OF HYDRATION. It’s also packed full of antioxidants for ANTI-AGING. I know that’s a long list of benefits, but we’re going to break them down even more for you!
     What makes this product so unique is that about 25% of the crème is made with 100% PURE & ORGANIC ROSEWATER HYDROSOL (a steam distilled rosewater that doesn't require chemical preservatives!). Just like our traditional Face Crème this one is still very hydrating and moisturizing, but focuses more on skin repair and restoration.
     You may be wondering, “Should I use this instead of the Face Crème?”. The answer is pretty simply to start with, you can if you want to. However, Jessica suggests continuing your Face Crème regimen but adding in the Renewal Face Moisturizer once a day or every other day to help restore skin. If you are currently using the Face Crème 2x per day, you can use it once and use the Renewal Face Moisturizer 1x. The ingredients are different and serve different purposes. This new moisturizer focuses on renewing your skin and enhancing it while supporting skin/cell structure. This Renewal Face Moisturizer is also slightly lighter and more mousse-like than the Face Crème.
     It is made with unique ingredients that are so rare and exotic to skin care, like BABASSU OIL, CAMELINA OIL, & EMU OIL. These ingredients are well known in other parts of the world, & Jessica has done extensive research on these amazing ingredients and their benefits. They don't clog pores & they focus on restoring skin!
     The shelf life on this product is closer to 9 months as long as the lid is kept on & it is kept in a cool place. You only need a small amount of product at a time so a longer shelf life is a great added benefit! Once this moisturizer soaks fully into the skin you’ll be left with a feeling of satin/silk! ​ 
We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this product and give it a try! We’re sure you’ll love it just as much as we do! It’s available now online and in our Winter Garden storefront!



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