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Posted on June 24 2019

Clogged pores are kind of the worst! Nothing bothers me more than putting on makeup and being able to see tiny little dark dots all over my nose. Or have you ever looked in one of those super magnifying mirrors?! Ya know, the ones that show you every little imperfection on your face? THE WORST! 

Today I’m going to share a great routine with you to help unclog those stubborn pores.  This routine consists of:

  1. Cleansers to use
  2. Exfoliating scrubs
  3. Detoxifying Masks
  4. Moisturizers

Keep reading to learn more about our suggestions and how they all fit together!


For maximum benefits we suggests two types of cleansers.


  1. Either of our DONKEY MILK SOAPS: This soap comes in 2 different essential oil blends, FRANKINCENSE, ORANGE, & GRAPEFRUIT to help brighten & balance, & LAVENDER & GERANIUM to help calm. Think of the Donkey Milk Soap as your go-to everyday cleanser. Its gentle, yet effective, packed with anti-aging benefits and hydrating ingredients. If you neglect your skin and don’t cleanse it regularly, you’ll have a much harder time getting those pores cleaned, so the cleanser step is a must!
  1. CREAM CLEANSER: This product is an incredible one to add in a few times a week. It’s packed with hydrating “good” oils that will attract dirt and “bad” oils inside of your pores and actually help to pull it all to the surface and out completely! It also has our Plain Shea Soap hand-grated inside, so you get a two-punch cleanse with this amazing blend. 


When it comes to exfoliating, we have three different suggestions for you:  


  1.  MATCHA SUGAR SCRUB: This brand new scrub is a part of our WILD GROWN COLLECTION. My favorite ingredient in it is the matcha because its packed full of antioxidants- it’s detoxifying, but still very gentle. My other favorite ingredient is definitely the honey. Honey is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-irritant.  It is soothing, moisture-locking, and flat out a perfect ingredient for skin care.
  1. RENEWAL SALT SCRUB: This salt scrub is one of our most unique scrubs, and is also part of the WILD GROWN COLLECTION.  It’s made with two different types of salt to give you the most benefits, nutrients and minerals. Salt has so many more minerals than sugar, so not only are you getting the amazing exfoliating properties, but all of those minerals are soaking into the skin as well. This scrub can be a little more coarse for some depending on the sensitivity of your skin, so we suggest alternating this scrub with a sugar scrub. I love to incorporate this once a week and use my sugar scrubs the other two days I exfoliate! 
  1. CLEANSING SCRUB: This scrub is in our SPA COLLECTION so it’s filled with anti-aging benefits! The Cleansing Scrub is another really unique option because it’s a sugar/salt scrub hybrid and it’s also made with pure castile soap. So, not only is this scrub going to exfoliate the skin, but it will cleanse it as well! Full of anti-aging essential oils, fatty oils and restorative oils, this blend is sure to do the trick.


Face masks are a great way to clear out and detoxify the pores. Here are the two we recommend! 


  1. DEAD SEA CLAY MASK: This mask is so simple, yet so effective. I like to use this a couple times a week with an additional use just on my nose; that’s where I get the most clogged pores.  When used regularly, you will notice a serious difference in your skin as the clay continuously absorbs dirt, oil, grime, and dead skin that naturally occurs in pores.  
  1. MATCHA FACE MASK: This one is just as detoxifying, but has some added benefits as well. It helps to rejuvenate and brighten the skin, is anti-aging due to its high antioxidant count, is anti-inflammatory, and can restore skin due to all of the amazing minerals inside.


Did you know your skin can become oilier if you don't moisturize daily? Many people think because they have oily skin, they don’t need to moisturize.  Well, the opposite is actually true. Moisturizing your skin can train your skin to stop the overproduction of oil in the pores – this oil is the bad oil that can clog pores and make blackheads and breakouts worse.  Using a moisturizer will eventually replace the bad oils with good oils, and your skin will slowly become less and less oily, more pH balanced, and evenly hydrated. 

Here are our favorites to use!


  1. FACE CREME: This is a fan favorite and a perfect, simple everyday creme. It has been the store’s top selling item for five years, as it’s gentle, nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties is just what everyone wants in a face moisturizer.  This one is a bit heavier so some prefer this as a night crème – but best of all, you only need a little bit so it really lasts.


  1. RENEWAL FACE MOISTURIZER: This gives you the same hydration as the Face Crème, but it’s lighter in consistency and has several added benefits as well. It is made with 25% rosewater, so the anti-aging benefits are endless.  With added emu oil, the fatty acids can renew and restore skin so quickly that you will quickly notice results. It focuses on renewing and restoring the skin and is part of our WILD GROWN Collection, so all of the ingredients are unique and exotic in skin care.


Face cleansing brushes are also an amazing way to help clear out pores. Some of our favorites are the Clarisonic and the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa. 

I hope this post has given you a little more insight on how to conquer clogged pores. Feel free to comment below with any questions! 
All of the products mentioned are available online or in our Winter Garden storefront!



  • As someone who really struggles with clogged pores, this post was so helpful!

    Posted by Rachel | July 31, 2019
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