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All About Soaps

Posted on September 29 2020

Bar soaps have gotten a bad reputation for many reasons, including dry skin and disintegration. 

Well, we aren't about dry skin or waste, so we want to explain the difference in our soaps and highlight some of our faves.

Our soaps are made the old fashioned way - cold process with a 4-6 week cure time.  When making soap, there is something called "saponification" which is related to a soap-maker's formulas.  This basically means, when the soap is cured and ready for use, how much oil remains for absorption? 

Traditionally, soaps you purchase at the store have had the beneficial ingredients removed (liquid glycerin among other things) that is then added into liquid soaps.  Well, not ours! We leave ALL of the good stuff in there, and use a maximum saponification percentage - basically meaning we offer the highest amount of leftover oils possible for absorption after the soap is ready for use. This provides maximum hydration into the skin and a less-harsh soap. Keeping our soaps dry is very important to avoid the soap breaking down or turning mushy - this is due to the high amount of oils left in there to really hydrate and help your skin.


We have almost 20 different soaps to choose from and a whole collection designed just for face care.  These soaps are custom created based on the skin's needs and the benefits you would want to see from a cleanser - all compacted into a chemical-free bar.

First we wanted to share with you our top 3 best sellers and then highlight our brand new Winter Garden soap and some seasonal favorites.


1. Donkey Milk Soap - $9.50 - $18

Donkey Milk Soap has definitely become something we are known for, and for a good reason! Cleopatra would bathe in donkey milk because of it’s wonderful anti-aging properties. It contains an all-natural retinol protein which makes this soap an amazing addition to your skincare routine for anyone trying to focus on anti-aging. Donkey milk is also very high in fat, which is an important ingredient when focusing on anti-aging skin care.  This soap is available in 2 essential oil variations, Lavender & Geranium and Frankincense, Orange, & Grapefruit. We love both so much & we’re sure you will too!

2. Brightening & Balancing Facial Bar - $9

The new Brightening & Balancing Face Soap is an unscented, highly nourishing soap made with raw pumpkin. Pumpkin is loaded in Vitamin C, beta-carotene, Vitamin B and folate. Additionally, it has fruit enzymes and alpha-hydroxy acids and a super tiny molecular structure. So, what does that mean?

  • Boosts collagen to prevent aging, wrinkles, fine line and dark spots

  • Antioxidant level can reduce current skin damage caused by UVs and free radicals

  • Helps stop and prevent acne (controls oil production)

  • Brightens and tones the skin

  • Increase cellular turnover (helps smooth out appearance)

  • Penetrates deeper into skin layers to have longer-lasting effects

This soap is formerly our Pumpkin Face Soap, but we wanted to make sure you all new it was not a fall soap that smells like pumpkin spice lattes. It is unscented, pure and raw pumpkin in a 100% natural and fragrance-free soap. This soap is made with pure, organic pumpkin, giving the soap countless enzymes and vitamins that brighten, tone and soften the skin. Pumpkin is great for evening out skin tones and this soap will help you achieve that flawless look you're going for. Full of antioxidants and oils that promote cellular turnover, this soap is a natural anti-aging favorite.                                                                                                       


3. Lavender & Chamomile With Shea Butter - $7

This is a top selling item because of it's amazing, soft and natural scent. The combination of lavender and chamomile makes you feel like you're spending a day at the spa.

This 100% Natural Shea Butter soap is full of lather, moisturizing for the skin, and is so pure it is ideal for the most sensitive skin type. This soap is great for those with very dry and even itchy skin, those with skin conditions or anyone that just wants baby-soft skin! The lavender & chamomile combination is great to calm the skin, but is also great to calm the mind! Use this soap in the evenings and watch your stress wash off as you breathe in the delicate scent of this soap.




We love this time of year because we get to bring back our fall soaps! These are loved by many and have been coming around once a year for a while now! They smell amazing, and they are sure to get you in that fall spirit we all love so much. 

1. Pumpkin & Maple Body Bar - $9

We all know there's no such thing as too much pumpkin spice. We took a sweeter approach and added a hint of maple into this bar.  Still fragrance-free, we use a special blend of essential oils to get you that true scent of fall.

The rich scent of pumpkin, cinnamon & clove gives this soap a true pumpkin spice scent, plus our blend of essential oils that brings out a sweet maple note that is sure to please.  And of course, we added in raw organic pumpkin in there to give you many of the benefits listed above in the brightening & balancing soap.  HAPPY FALL Y'ALL! 


2. Chai Tea & Cinnamon Soap - $9

Traditionally a winter soap, we just couldn't wait to release it.  Many of you have been asking for this soap for a few months and wondering when it is coming back, and we are happy to say we released it early just for you!

This 100% Natural soap is made with the effective blend of hydrating, antioxidant-rich, and nourishing oils ideal for smoothest skin and body. Blended with essential oils that remind you of morning relaxation over a nice chai tea, this soap is sure to give you the best shower or bath experience you could ever dream of! The added shea butter gives this soap lather and moisture ideal for very dry and sensitive skin, while the cinnamon and spices exfoliate the skin with a nice grit.



Our Newest Addition:

 Let us introduce you to our newest obsession! 

3. Winter Garden Signature Soap - $9

This soap gives you a taste of Winter Garden, Florida, the charming town where Jessica lives and where our retail store location has been for 5 years. With a little bit of citrus and spice, you get to take home the scent of the orange groves and truly enjoy the decadent blend of Florida citrus. Yes, please!





We love our bar soaps so much! While we know using a bar of soap isn't something you would typically think of for a face wash, we promise, once you try it you'l love it! 

P.S. Our seasonal soaps are only available while supplies last so make sure you grab them fast!



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