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Posted on November 14 2015

Welcome to Wildflower Beauty by Jessica.  As you can see on our About Me page, we offer 100% natural handmade bath, body, skin and hair care products that are made from scratch.  We take pride in our list of ingredients, and love to flaunt their purity as often as possible.  

Prior to the founding of Wildflower Beauty by Jessica, I always struggled trying to find natural products for my skin and noticed that so many websites don't even provide their list of ingredients! Many companies that are part of the MLM structure also do not provide their list of ingredients.  Even companies that have been around forever often don't.   This was never very comforting to me especially with all of my allergies - no wonder I could never find any face care products that didn't break me out! With the launch of Wildflower Beauty by Jessica, I promised to never compromise for anything less than the best, and promised to create a product I was proud to share what's inside. 

Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into the body - can you imagine if you didn't receive a list of ingredients on the food you purchase? How would you ever know when you're eating? If you're trying to live a healthier lifestyle, eat clean, and keep your skin youthful, you might want to consider what you're putting on your skin. The list of banned products is growing - even a very popular soap company just had their Anti-bacterial hand soap pulled from shelves in Dec 2016 due to uncertainty of long-term effects and safety concerns. Why risk it? Why go through this struggle when there is an alternative?

This blog will share a lot of important information on skin care, what is good/bad for your skin and how certain ingredients can work to promote a better looking, better feeling skin appearance without ANY chemicals.  We will also share some fun recipes and facts about our ingredients for your reading pleasure!



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