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5 Things Everyone Should Know about Toners

Posted on July 21 2021

Toners - you either love em or you don't know enough about them to decide... once you know, you'll never go without one, so read on if you dare.

Toners are extremely important in an effective skin care routine, and we want to share with you the top 5 things everyone should know about them.

1.  Not all toners are created equal - well, of course not. Just like anything else, some toners are full of chemicals, filler ingredients, and just don't bring you much benefit.  Make sure you're using a natural toner, fragrance free, and preservative free.  Read the ingredients and if the word "fragrance" is used, you may want to think again.

2. A high price tag doesn't mean $*%t. - It's true.  Just because it is expensive, that doesn't mean the quality is any good. In fact, often times companies jack up their prices to give off the impression of value, but you'd be better off not using it at all.  Tip - check the ingredients to see what's really going on.  Some of the most expensive toners on the market have water as their first ingredient. 

3. Toners make your other skin care products more effective - This is the best part about toners.  They allow your skin to absorb your other products more effectively, and can help transport your nourishing oils/serums and moisturizers into deeper layers of the skin. Over time, this can have a seriously positive impact on the overall condition of your skin, and can help it keep its elasticity.

4. A Toner a day can keep the breakouts at bay - Oh absolutely.  Clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples... bumps... anything - a toner can help balance out your sebum production (oil production) and prevent your pores from clogging. Long term, this can help with your overall skin appearance, pH balance, and smoothness. 

5. Toners are your pores' best bud - Nothing can shrink your pores, but toners can aid in reducing their visibility, especially over time. Toners work behind the scenes to give your skin the nutrients and hydration it needs to get that flawless look, but it doesn't happen overnight.  A toner isn't your party night out, it's your best friend that sticks with you every day and is with you for the long run. 

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