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5 Products that will Instantly Change Your Skin... For the Better

Posted on January 20 2020

At Wildflower Beauty by Jessica, we are super excited to be with you through 2020, and are looking forward to what this new year brings us. New Years’ brings with it resolutions and new beginnings - although you may not set resolutions, you can set overall goals to improve your life.

We would love to be a part of your New Years' self love journey and help you achieve all of the skin care goals!  To join our wildflower community of glowing skin, take a peek at these 5 Products that will Instantly Change Your Skin, For the Better!  

These products will begin changing your skin with the 1st use, and results just improve over time.  We are here to give you the info you need to make the best skin care decisions, and we know you will love these 5!

1.Renewal Moisturizer $34









It says it in the name! This moisturizer does renew the skin. This product’s ingredients are unique and remarkable - so unique to skin care yet packed with benefits known to fix. Made with over 25% rosewater hydrosol your skin will hydrate like never before and soak up all of the goodness inside. Your skin will be thanking you all year long for this new addition.  As a reminder, make sure to moisturize after every wash and every exfoliation - even if your skin is oily.

2.Matcha Face Mask $22 (also available in sample size for $6)


Full of antioxidants this green mask will work wonders for your skin this new year. This amazing product detoxifies and hydrates the skin simultaneously, giving you 2x the benefit with no extra work. Matcha is an incredible ingredient to incorporate into your routine because of its ability to brighten, correct, and protect. This powder to paste mask gives an easy to use and effective way to renew your skin.

3.Donkey Milk Soap $18

Donkey Milk? Who would've thought? Well jumping into the new year, maybe you should try using a method from way back that is proven to work MIRACLES. Cleopatra would bathe in donkey milk because of it’s wonderful anti-aging properties. It contains an all-natural retinol protein which makes this soap an amazing addition to your skincare routine for anyone trying to focus on anti-aging.  Also, if you’re 18 or older you should already be thinking about anti-aging products and protecting your skin.

4.Coffee Scrub $12

Wake your skin up with this amazing scrub. Just like a great cup of coffee wakes your body up, this scrub does the same for your skin. We should always incorporate some sort of exfoliation into our skincare routines to get rid of dead skin and dirt from deep inside the pores. This scrub goes above and beyond not only exfoliating but also tightening and firming the skin with each use.  

5.Rose Water Face Toner $15

Rosewater takes all of the amazing benefits of roses and concentrates it into something truly magical. This mist not only smells amazing but it also refreshes and hydrates the skin.  It is full of antioxidants which are little anti-aging miracles, plus the essential oils inside give it even more anti-aging and skin beautifying power - A great way to start the new year with a refreshed and luxurious skincare routine.



Your skin is so important (it is in fact your body's largest organ) and treating it right is even more important. Using these 100% natural products will help your skin become more flawless and more radiant than ever before. Our products are full of beneficial and unique ingredients that will keep your skin looking and feeling gorgeous all year round, without the need for chemical fillers, large price tags, and mass production.



Q: What's the main ingredient in your products? 

A: EVERY ingredient is the main ingredient... we NEVER use fillers or ingredients that aren't doing something beneficial for your skin.  Every ingredient is chosen for a specific reason within every single product, and 100% of our product's contents are working magic in some way.   The short answer, we don't use "active" ingredients.  We make "active" products.

Written by: Emilia P. of Wildflower Beauty by Jessica



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