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3 Things You Might be Doing Wrong for Your Skin!

Posted on February 09 2020

Ugh I know - what am I doing wrong? 

I get that question so much, and it's hard to answer sometimes because you (people) really feel like you're doing everything you can to benefit your skin.

Over the years, I have heard many stories and decided to share to all of you the top 3 things i have heard that people are doing wrong.

1. Rinsing your face with JUST water.  This seems so innocent and so many people do it.  Maybe you need a quick pick me up, you're stressed or tired and you need to "wake up" to get a job done. Or you're at the gym and worked out and your face is super sweaty and you need to rinse it off.  

Unfortunately, rinsing your face without soap or an oil cleanser can be really, well, gross.  Here's why:

The body loves water.  We are made up of primarily water. Drink it, use it on our skin, wash with it... you get the picture.  Putting water on your skin makes your body go "ooo yummy" and drink it right up -  through the skin.  You're teaching your body to absorb everything that is on your face.  Salt and sweat from the gym? Splashing your face with water after actually makes your body soak it all up.  Instead of getting stuff off, you're putting it all in.  Right into your pores.

FIX IT:  Use a soap or oil to cleanse the skin while doing this.  This leads me to my next point.

2. Not using a moisturizer or oil serum because your face is oily.  I have addressed this one in person A LOT and during any consulting I have done for skin care. This is probably more common than anything else. 

Here's a quick cycle to see why this is not the best idea:
Oily Skin = Over producing oil --> You say "Oh no my skin is oily, better not put anything oily on it and use an oil absorbing cleanser --> Skin says "oh no, better make more oil, she just took everything I had!" --> Skin continues to overproduce oil that is bad for the skin (it clogs pores and harbors bacteria).
Oily Skin --> Apply an oil serum and moisturizer --> Skin says "ooo hydration. I don't have to produce as much oil today since it's already on my skin --> reduces oil production --> bad overproduction oil is replaced with beneficial skin care oil full of benefits.
Long story short, if your skin is oily the BEST thing you can do is MOISTURIZE!  
Another long story short, if your skin is dry, the BEST thing you can do it continue to moisturize.  You don't want to teach your skin how to be oily.  You want to supply it with the proper hydration and moisture it needs to remain neutral.
3. Never trying new cleansers or switching up your skin care routine because you have had breakouts in the past with other brands. First of all, I TOTALLY understand this one.  That was me. 
Before I created Wildflower Beauty by Jessica I had used the SAME cleanser and moisturizer for almost a decade because it was the only thing that didn't make my face literally feel like it was burning. One time at the dermatologist when I was trying to fix my horrible cystic acne, she said to me... what cleanser are you using and FOR HOW LONG? uh... 10 years? 
She literally looked at me like I was insane. 
Here's what was explained to me:
Your body gets used to things and if you don't change it up every now and then, your skin gets used to the cleansers and stops working, unless of course, you use it more often.  She gave me 2 examples.  Think about caffeine. If you give yourself 1 cup of coffee every single day, eventually it stops working. You increase it to 2 cups per day, and on the opposite end, if you skip your coffee that day you get headaches and withdrawal because the 1 cup of coffee has become the norm.  The other example was pain reliever like Tylenol.  If you have a bad back and you take it daily, eventually you have to up the dose. 
Here's how I created solutions for you:
I have about 10 different bar soaps for the face as well as a cream cleanser.  These soaps are designed differently (but not too different) so that you can alternate every few months without shocking your skin.  This keeps your skin from getting too comfortable or used to 1 specific thing.  Often, I suggest that people alternate within the day - one in the morning and a different at night - because their skin needs some different types of attention. 
Often times breakouts from brands come from the body's response to their chemicals.  I know the story because I lived it personally... I had breakouts and finally found something that at least doesn't make me break out... no way. To me, now that I have all of this knowledge, that thought process is no longer acceptable.  I will not "settle" for a chemical-filled brand because "at least I don't have zits". Now, I don't have breakouts but also my skin is CLEAR, it GLOWS, and it is in FANTASTIC CONDITION because I stopped using chemicals on my skin all together.
If you want to begin making a transition but need help or guidance, please contact us at info@wildflowerbeautybyjessica or through the contact form on our site.



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