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3 New Products To Fall In Love With

Posted on August 28 2020

Here at Wildflower Beauty by Jessica, we're always trying to provide you with products to suit all of the wants and needs you may have. We're always brainstorming about what's next and what other incredible, natural products we can bring to you. Well, we are happy to announce that we have released 3 new products to our collections!
We have added TWO new products to our Spa Collection for Anti-Aging and ONE new product to our Wild Grown Collection! The products being added to our Spa Collection are the Firming & Plumping Lip Treatment and the Vitamin C Oil Cleanser, and the product being added to our Wild Grown Collection is the Cold Compress Serum
We are so excited to share how they can help you and enhance your routine!

Firming & Plumping Lip Treatment
- $24

The Firming & Plumping Lip Treatment is a necessary staple in your anti-aging routine to target the area of the face that shows the most aging: the lips/mouth. From laughing, to drinking out of straws, this area gets so much more movement and wear & tear, causing fine lines and wrinkles to really show. Also, when the collagen falls out of the face, the lips tend to become thinner, and smile lines more obvious.  Made with a collection of proprietary essential oils and oils known to prevent aging, this product can help turnover your skin cells and plump the new ones that come to the surface. It plumps the lips by promoting blood flow and also helps rebuild the skin cells and corrects the elasticity in the skin. It can be used 4-7x per week as part of your nightly routine. A little goes a long way with this product so you can expect this product to last you a few months! [Keep in an air conditioned place]



Cold Compress Serum - $18

A new addition to our facial serums, the Cold Compress Serum is meant to soothe and completely restore the skin.  Keep this serum in the fridge for an even more intense relief of morning inflammation, puffy eyes, and any irritation that is shown in the skin. You can also enjoy this by applying a cold, damp washcloth over face after applying the serum, or applying this for a quick DIY facial massage.



Vitamin C Oil Cleanser - $21

If you're unfamiliar with the Oil Cleansing method, you're not alone! This is a fairly new method of cleansing the skin, and is quickly becoming popular due to its seriously amazing results. Our oil cleanser focuses on the amazing benefits of using an oil cleanser (see below) but really emphasizes on adding vitamin C back into the skin. 

Benefits of adding a vitamin C product to your routine:

  • not only hydrates but helps the skin keep the hydration locked in
  • brightens the skin to create that beautiful skin glow
  • can reduce redness and irritation
  • can help fade hyper-pigmentation, including sun spots
  • can produce collagen in the skin and prevent sagging
  • full of antioxidants to protect the skin from damage

Benefits of using an oil cleanser:

  • unclogs pores and corrects acne/breakouts
  • hydrates and restores elasticity - a necessary step in anti-aging
  • softens and smooths the skin
  • removes dead skin, makeup, and dirt
  • can help oil production and balance the skin

We combined all of these amazing benefits into one product that can be used as a foundational staple in your routine.



These 3 new products are sure to become the next must haves in your skin care routine! We are so excited for you to try them and we can’t wait to hear what you think about them! Which one are you most excited for?








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