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Hello gorgeous! 

We can't say enough about this toner.  Hibiscus flowers are nicknamed the BOTOX PLANT... do we have to say more? 

If you're hoping to age gracefully, this toner will work wonders over time.  Correcting, firming and repairing skin cells, this barely-scented product is nothing less than perfect.

We truly believe that scent doesn't mean functional.  We like to have that feeling like we are doing something wonderful for our skin, but strong scents that are chemically created are known to cause damage - not just to the skin but to us as people breathing it in.

Hibiscus flowers naturally have a very mild scent, unlike a rose or geranium that is naturally strong.  Their benefits, however, pack a strong punch.  

Toners work behind the scenes to help you get the most out of your entire routine.  Using a toner makes all of your other products work more effectively, and adding this product to our custom skin care kits will give you an absolute winning combination.

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Organic Hibiscus Hydrosol (steam distilled hibiscus flowers), Cucumber Extract, Rosehip Seed Oil

Our products are made by hand and in small batches.  We don't store our products in a hot warehouse and products are made fresh to order.  Please allow 5 days for items to ship, as we are making extra efforts to keep your products fresh upon arrival. 

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When using natural products, you want to think about them the same as purchasing raw fruits and vegetables... not something you want to store under your counter for any length of time.  Although we want you to spoil yourself in tons of self care products, we always suggest that you only purchase what you will use within the shelf life.  Our products are made fresh and in small batches, so you're always getting a super fresh product.

Shelf Life: 9 months

What's really inside?

How To Use


Make sure skin is clean and dry (or slightly dewy)


Close eyes and mouth. Spritz 2-4 sprays all over face from about 12 inches away


Allow to soak in to the skin and dry. You can fan your face slightly if desired for an extra cooling & soothing feel

Why Choose Wildflower Beauty by Jessica?


Our formulations are 100% safe and chemical free, and safe for the whole family.  Finally, a skin care line you can get behind.  

scented without artifical fragrances

We only use real botanicals and therapeutic grade essential oils to scent our products. You will never see the word FRAGRANCE on our ingredients lists.

eco-friendly packaging

Our packaging is chosen specifically with the environment in mind, and use 100% recyclable packaging. If you'd like to get some ideas on how to reuse our product jars click HERE.

hand crafted in the usa

All of our products are hand crafted in central Florida in fresh, small batches.  


We only purchase our ingredients from suppliers who source ethically and honorably.  

never tested on animals

For us, this goes without saying. We would never test our products on animals. 


Toners work behind the scenes to balance the skin's pH and protect pores throughout the day


When used in the morning, toners can keep your skin hydrated all day while protecting it from free radicals - harmful toxins in the air that can damage and age skin


Using a toner regularly can help fight breakouts, acne and clogged pores, as well as prevent signs of aging

Learn more about toners and how to use them in this video below, explaining our Rosewater Toner - a sister product to the Hibiscus Toner above.   Rosewater restores antioxidants while the Hibiscus Toner addresses skin firmness and repair.  Which one is best for you?

My name is Jessica, and I'm the owner and founder of Wildflower Beauty by Jessica. 

I totally get it - starting new skin care products can be scary for so many people... yes, me included. Removing the fear behind skin care is why I started this company nearly a DECADE ago... that's right! Wildflower Beauty by Jessica has been 100% natural since before it was cool.

I understand why it can be nerve wrecking to start new products that impact your skin, but those nerves come from a long list of products that you used as trial & error that gave poor results. In reality, they all had a common theme giving you those same bad results: chemicals.

When you remove the chemicals out of products you remove the allergic reactions, the redness, the peeling, the breakouts and all of the toxic.

We are a 100% natural skin care company that is changing the way you think of skin care.  We are passionate about creating chemical-free products that are effective and powerful, but most of all, they are safe.


As a woman-owned business, we know the importance of self love, self care, and self value – all are things we represent when we formulate each and every one of our products with pure and natural ingredients.


It's time to pass on chemicals.  We officially welcome you on this natural journey, and are so excited to share with you what natural beauty really means.