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Shampoo Bar FAQ

What is a shampoo bar?
Shampoo bars are a natural way to wash your hair, just like it was done in the old days. Shampoos and conditioners are filled with chemicals, synthetics, and ingredients that harm your skin and hair, and even your health over time. Since the traditional liquid shampoos and conditioners coat your hair with chemicals, there is a TRANSITION period to switch to a bar shampoo. This can last anywhere from 2 washes to 2 months, depending on your hair and your preference.

Do they lather?
You are in 100% control of the lather... yes, they definitely lather, but you need to MAKE it lather. Rub the bar roots to ends over and over, ALL OVER your hair until saturated. As you're doing that, take your other hand and start massaging in the soap to your scalp and you will begin to feel the bubbles show up. These bubbles mean the shampoo is actually overpowering the oils/grease of your hair, and they are needed for your hair not to look oily afterward. If you get out of the shower and dry your hair, and it looks oily, you did not get enough lather going to clean the oils out of your hair. This may take a few times until you see where you should be, but you should have that "aHa!" moment where all of a sudden there are tons of bubbles, suds, and lather.

How do I condition my hair without conditioner?
Reverse, reverse! Between shampoos, you can use any oil based hair treatment to condition your hair and scalp. So with shampoo bars, you condition first, then wash! For example... coat your roots and scalp in coconut oil, comb through, and go to bed! Wake up the next morning with oil-rich hair, get in the shower and use the shampoo bar to wash it out. It's reverse! ...but way effective. If you aren't using 100% natural conditioning treatments, the transition phase will take longer and you may not be happy with your results. Just use coconut oil or olive oil, or a 100% natural treatment.

My hair feels weird with the shampoo bar. What do I do?
This occurs during the transition phase. To close the hair cuticle, you can use an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse to aid this feeling in the process. An ACV rinse consists of 2Tbs of ACV blended in 8oz of water. After you wash your hair with the shampoo bar, rinse out completely, then pour the ACV rinse over your head covering your hair roots to ends. Let sit 1-3 minutes, then rinse out. You will instantly feel the change in your hair texture.

*Avoid brushing your hair when wet. This can cause breakage. Immediately after shower, use your fingers to untangle your hair and lay/part the way you normally wear your hair. Try not to brush until mostly dry, and use a wide brush.