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Deodorant Creme - Natural Deodorant without Baking Soda

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This 100% natural, baking soda-free deodorant is a top selling product with a positive reputation. 

Natural deodorants are hard to find that work, and that frustration was shared by the majority of my customers before they tried our Deodorant Creme.  

Similar to applying lotion, this deodorant is in a creme consistency that you apply with your hands to your clean underarms! It keeps your skin soft and dry without any abrasive ingredients or chemicals, and contains a perfect blend of essential oils to kill bacteria and fight odor.  This deodorant is NOT an anti-persperant.  You are supposed to sweat! It just helps fight the odor that accompanies sweating while keeping your skin bacteria free and soft.

Why isn't this in a stick... why is it in a creme? 

A common and fair question. Although many people prefer to apply their deodorant in stick form, we are bending the curve and raising the bar into something else.  When Jessica makes products, she designs them to be filled with the ingredients you NEED for the product to be beneficial...nothing more, nothing less.  Turning Jessica's blend into a permanent solid would force her to add ingredients NOT NEEDED to provide you with a 100% natural effective deodorant.  Doing so takes away from the benefits of the other ingredients.  Why would you want that? Jessica doesn't want her products diluted, and always wants to provide you with a highly concentrated, effective product.  

Why isn't there baking soda? So many natural deodorants have it... why don't you?

Baking soda is great for many things, don't get me wrong, but if you have ever experienced a sudden rash under your arms from using natural deodorants, 9x out of 10 it is the baking soda.  The granules are so fine, but they don't dissolve well. Imagine taking finely ground sand and rubbing it daily on your underarms.  After a while, you're going to develop a rug burn-like rash which will be sore, inflamed, and will ruin your skin.  No. Thank. You.

I have been using natural deodorant and it doesn't seem like it works for me... What's going on?

If you're like the majority of people, you've been using chemical-filled deodorant just about your whole life.  Your body doesn't want those chemicals in it, and it is likely your body will DETOX those bad things into sweat.  You sweat a lot through your underarms, and the smell may be like none other.  Don't worry, that will go away if you're consistent! Just prepare for the possibility that this might happen, bring some small tissues with you to clean up in a bathroom during the first few days, and after that detox passes, you will be so glad.  A few days of sweat smell is better than a life of chemical filled, aluminum filled deodorant.  


Wildflower Beauty by Jessica's deodorant has 4 ingredients, all with a purpose.  

Coconut oil - hydrates the skin, but more importantly it kills bacteria.  

Arrowroot powder - dries up excess oil after you sweat.

Peppermint essential oil - tons of benefits related to circulation, but for our purposes it kills odor and has a slight cooling feeling on the skin when the deodorant is first applied.  How's that for refreshing?

Lavender essential oil - known for its healing benefits this oil helps everything! It will keep your underarms soft but will also help your body transition to a natural deodorant. 

*This product has a possibility to melt and currently is only being shipped during the cooler months.  If you love it, please stock up now! We will cease shipping once spring/summer approaches us. 

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Sabrina L.
United States
Changed my mind about natural deodorants!

I’ve been through countless brands of natural deodorants, with and without baking soda, and this one definitely stands out on top. I have not had any red bump breakouts with this product, which I have had numerous times in the past with other deodorants! The smell is subtle and very refreshing. Very easy to apply and long-lasting. Just be mindful of warmer/sweating weather- it can leak down with your sweat (not a problem, but just natural)! Awesome product, I will definitely be purchasing again!

Dry and Cool!

I love this natural deodorant. After developing a sensitivity to my former go-to brand, I went the natural route. I love how smooth it is and how the cooling peppermint oil leaves me feeling refreshed! I do use a cotton ball or a tiny plastic spatula to apply :-)

Love this deodorant!

I love this deodorant! I had to detox for a week or two, but I’ve been using this for a couple of years now. I never get irritated, and I can even go a day or two without re-applying!

La T.
Smells Wonderful!

I have tried many, many natural deodorants. This is the first one that goes on cleanly, smells wonderful, and does it's duty all while being good for my skin and body. I put this deodorant creme to the test while traveling and hauling boxes - I am so happy to have stumbled into your store. I'll be back for more!

No Stink!

I am currently using the charcoal soap, chamomile soap, and deodorant cream. Love them all! After using Toms deodorant for years, it started to cause pretty bad irritation and still left me feeling kinda stinky. The cream was awesome! No irritation and no stink!