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Coffee Scrub - Face Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Coffee Scrub - Face Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

$ 12.00

Spring, summer, fall and winter, you need to exfoliate! Help remove dead and unwanted skin cells with this delicious coffee sugar scrub. Blended with oils, this will exfoliate and then rehydrate to soften the skin. Meant for weekly use, you will enjoy this refreshing indulgence! 

Coffee is great for the skin - bottom line. The caffeine actually tightens the skin and is known to reduce cellulite for those of you that wish to use this in other places. Wink wink.  The coffee grounds take longer to dissolve, so less is more with this scrub. The scent is also relaxing and natural, not even essential oils are added to this scrub. It is truly amazing.

Meant for face (and/or body) 2 or 3 times per week. Please use gently.

INGREDIENTS: organic coffee, organic coconut oil, pure granulated sugar.

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