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Baby Bum Balm Natural Diaper Cream

Baby Bum Balm Natural Diaper Cream

$ 12.00

This 100% natural and handmade diaper creme is something that your little baby or toddler will thank you for. Soothe irritated and chapped skin with this beautiful blend of oils, butters, and zinc to rid your baby of that diaper irritation.  Most rashes clear up within 12-18 hours if used quickly upon noticing the rash.  The best part is how easy this will wipe off between diaper changes.  The last thing your little one wants is for you to wipe extra hard trying to clean off sticky pastes. That only makes it worse! This rich mousse like balm goes on easy and wipes away clean. 

Originally made for my niece, I designed this to help her rid of a diaper rash that was lasting for over 3 months. Nothing was working... after 3 days of using my Baby Bum Balm, she was saying "I want to use Aunt Jessica's cream and put it on myself"... so much relief, and completely gone! 

INGREDIENTS: coconut oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, zinc oxide, lavender essential oil* and a dash of tea tree essential oil*, vitamin E.

4oz tin 

*100% pure therapeutic grade

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