Vitamin C Detox Bath Salt

$ 18.00


If you're feeling a little run down, this bath salt can help you! It also is packed with ingredients that are known for anti-aging when used on the skin! 

This bath salt was designed based around one of our most popular sugar scrubs - the Cranberry Scrub - due to the positive response we have received on how uplifting it is and how wonderful it smells.  We overlapped the ingredients just enough to keep that wonderful scent by utilizing the grapefruit essential oil and the amazing rose clay, both which are key ingredients in this Vitamin C Detox Bath Salt.  Rose clay stimulates circulation which creates a positive response for many things like skin clarity, vibrance, reduction of headaches and stress and many more.  For many reasons, circulation is very important. Grapefruit essential oil is packed with vitamin C and many other properties to boost energy in the body and work wonders on the skin - it is even a common vitamin in many anti-aging serums and creams.  This refreshing scent is amazing and so enjoyable to unwind in.  

INGREDIENTS: dead sea salt, epsom salt, baking soda, rose clay, 100% pure therapeutic grade grapefruit essential oil. 

USE: scoop out 1/4 to 1/2 cup of salt into a warm bath.  Let dissolve, then take a nice bath we can all be jealous of! You only need to stay in the bath for 10-15 minutes to get the positive effects. 

WARNINGS: Bath soaks and detoxes are meant for adults.  Please drink a lot of water before and after your bath.  Do not make water hot - it should be warm. If you begin to feel too hot you need to cool off by either getting out of the bath or by sitting up to allow some of your skin to be out of the bath water.  If you get too hot, that is an indication that the water is too hot - you can let it cool off some and then get back in. 

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