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Tinted Primer
Tinted Primer
Tinted Primer
Tinted Primer
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Tinted Primer

$ 18.00


This amazing Tinter Primer is the perfect base to powder foundation and has an estimated SPF 10.  The tint to this powder provides a more seamless look, and more importantly, a more natural look.  Coverage is light, but some even use this tinted primer as their only coverage when in a hurry, or for those who use very little to no makeup.   The consistency is like a rich concealer, almost like a creme so it keeps your skin very hydrated and over time will help maintain the elasticity of the skin.  The richness also helps any dry patches from showing under powder coverage.  

USE: Apply like a light creme to face. Massage in gently. Dab extra over target areas. Follow up with Foundation Powder for matte, flawless finish.

INGREDIENTS: hazelnut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, zinc oxide, cocoa powder, cinnamon, rosehip seed oil... THAT'S IT!

Shade 1 (Lightest) to Shade 4 (Darkest)

[2oz Screw-top Tin container] 

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