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Hair Detangling Spray

Hair Detangling Spray

$ 8.00

This chemical-free Hair Detangling Spray is the perfect addition to your (or your kids) post shower or bath routine.  

If you're sick of damaging your hair trying to brush out knots, or you are trying to protect your kid's hair that's so prone to tangled messes, this is the perfect product to help you, all while staying chemical-free.

Ideally, spray this over wet hair and untangle with wide-tooth comb or fingertips.  It is best to not brush your hair when wet to prevent future damage so be very gentle or use a wide-tooth comb.   You can also spray this over dry hair and brush through, however it may look oily for a short time until the detangling spray is absorbed.  Only a few spritzes are needed to be effective, so hold bottle back at least 6-9 inches from hair to cover more surface area with one spray.

INGREDIENTS: distilled water, glycerine, lavender essential oil, sweet orange essential oil.

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