Fabric Softener - Reusable Sheets

$ 16.00

This eco-friendly product allows you to reuse your fabric softener sheets and over and over again without waste! Once the solution is gone you can purchase our refill solution to help you save.  This contains 6 reusable sheets to maximize up to 50 loads.

Helps remove static and soften clothes.  Natural scents cannot withstand the heat of a dryer - we purposefully make these unscented so your clothes smell as they should... like NOTHING! 

USE: Remove fabric square from container and wring out excess liquid.  Toss into dryer with wet clothes for entire cycle.  Larger loads use 2 sheets.  After cycle, insert square back into jar to reuse.  Once solution is gone, keep your jar and fabric squares and refill with Wildflower Beauty by Jessica Fabric Soften Sheet Refill solution.

INGREDIENTS: white vinegar, distilled water, vegetable glycerine... THAT'S IT!

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