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Mud Puppy Dog Soap - Natural Dog Shampoo
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Mud Puppy Dog Soap - Natural Dog Shampoo

$ 7.00

Stop fumbling with the liquid dog soap bottle! This easy to use dog soap bar allows you to hold the soap in your hand, and massage your dog at the same time. Plus, it is 100% Natural and would even hold the same benefits to humans! CANNOT BE USED ON CATS. Essential oils are amazingly beneficial to people and dogs, but can be TOXIC to cats and could pose serious threats.

2 types of dog soaps available:

Oats & Lemongrass - best for sensitive, itchy, or dry skin
Citronella & Lemongrass - best for super smelly or outdoorsy dogs

Please keep in mind that these scents are made with essential oils and they do not linger on the dog for any length of time as many artificial scents do. My dogs have very long hair and I typically would have used conditioner on them. Following their bath with my all natural soap, I like to spray an all natural detangler on them to help condition their hair. That part is up to you, but this soap is just that, a soap, and is not a 2-in-1 replacement for conditioner.

I have gotten VERY positive feedback from this soap and many repeats which use it - my best customer is a lady that owns 5 rescue big dogs on a lot of land and they love to wrestle in the mud puddles and get nice and dirty. She loves it, and so will you!


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