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Linen Spray - Sweet Orange Citrus
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Linen Spray - Sweet Orange Citrus

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If you're trying to make your linens small refreshing, there is a natural way to do it.  Stop filling the air (and your linens) with chemicals, and utilize these wonderfully scented essential oil sprays to refresh your home.

Many people love a nice citrus scent in their home, reminding them of spring and summer, cleanliness, and gorgeous weather.  This sweet orange citrus linen spray is extremely refreshing in the home and really gives your linens a lovely fresh, clean scent that is sweet AND citrusy.  Since our products are made in Florida, this product gives you a little taste (well, scent actually) of Wildflower Beauty by Jessica's roots - made with the essential oils of our state's most popular citrus.

INGREDIENTS: witch hazel, blood orange hydrosol, glycerine, essential oils, distilled water.

USE: Shake well. Spritz over linens or into open air to freshen.  Use as often as desired. Always do a small test area when spraying linens and spray at least 12 inches away from fabric surface.

[2oz glass bottle]

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