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Cheek & Lip Tint - Sun-Kissed Red

Cheek & Lip Tint - Sun-Kissed Red

$ 15.00

This cheek and lip tint is 100% natural, made with top notch ingredients to keep your skin glowing, healthy, fresh, and free from makeup-caused clogged pores.

Just a hint of cheek tint can make a huge difference on the brightness of your skin tone. Since wearing my cheek tints, many customers state that they no longer wear makeup, just the cheek tint to give their face a little extra kick it needs for that natural glow and radiant look.

This is also a lip tint and the ingredients provide enough moisture to give your lips that soft, luscious look and feel with a little pop of color.

This beautiful natural color adds gorgeous highlights to the skin and a fresh, daytime look. It looks amazing on all skin tones! 

INGREDIENTS: Pure Oils of Coconut, Grapeseed, & Jojoba, Vitamin E, Natural Mica 

PACKAGING: 100% recycled paperboard, eco-friendly push up tubes.

View a tutorial & product info video here:

*our packaging and product name has changed since this video, but the product is the same. 

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