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Beachin' Hair Sea Salt Texturizing Spray for Hair
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Beachin' Hair Sea Salt Texturizing Spray for Hair

$ 14.00

Want sexy, textured and soft beach hair?

Use this sea salt texturizing spray to create the best beach waves in your hair! This 100% natural sea salt spray will add just the texture you need to make your hair have that beachy, sexy, wavy look.

Some salt sprays make your hair dry from the salt, but the addition of jojoba oil, vitamin E and lavender essential oil it keeps your hair soft (not stiff) and replenishes moisture back into your hair while keeping those beautiful beach waves.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Epsom Salt, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt,Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil.

USE: wave or curl hair like normal. Spray salt spray on hair and use your hands to scrunch your waves in place until the spray has soaked in. OR, depending on your hair texture, you may spray onto damp hair and let air dry.  The second method works for many, but not all.  Try them both and see which one you prefer!  

[2oz glass bottle with sprayer]

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