Wildflower Beauty by Jessica - Wholesale Program

Founded in 2012, Owner & Founder Jessica Krammer has been hand crafting 100% natural skincare featuring unique ingredients, organic additives, and focusing on the biggest need: Aging with Grace skincare for women over 40, without chemicals. 

With our 10th year in business and our retail store reaching 7 years - surviving the pandemic with a record year in 2021, people have a serious need for a brand like ours, and once they find Wildflower Beauty by Jessica, they never turn back. 

Our repeat customer rate is over 45% which is more than double the industry average. What does that mean exactly? More than double the number of people continue to buy from us than the average of other skin care brands.  Out of 10 people, 2.2 are repeat purchasers at most skin care brands, but out of 10 people, more than 4.5 of those 10 will continue to come back to Wildflower Beauty by Jessica for more.


Did you know that almost every single "natural" skin care brand on the market is actually not 100% natural? To be considered a natural beauty brand, only 3% of the ingredients need to be natural and "clean beauty" just means the removal of some seriously harmful additives (but not all).  Therefor most clean beauty brands and natural beauty brands aren't actually...until Wildflower Beauty by Jessica changed the standard and set the bar.  

100% of the contents in our products are naturally occurring ingredients that are found in the earth or botanicals.  Without any lab-created chemicals and additives, our products leave our studio and enter our customer's hands without any chemicals.



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