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Vitamin C Oil Cleanser
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Vitamin C Oil Cleanser

$ 21.00

If you're unfamiliar with the Oil Cleansing method, you're not alone! This is a fairly new method of cleansing the skin, and is quickly becoming popular due to its seriously amazing results.  

Our oil cleanser focuses on the amazing benefits of using an oil cleanser (see below) but really emphasizes on adding vitamin C back into the skin. 

Benefits of adding a vitamin C product to your routine:

  • not only hydrates but helps the skin keep the hydration locked in
  • brightens the skin to create that beautiful skin glow
  • can reduce redness and irritation
  • can help fade hyper-pigmentation, including sun spots
  • can produce collagen in the skin and prevent sagging
  • full of antioxidants to protect the skin from damage

Benefits of using an oil cleanser:

  • unclogs pores and corrects acne/breakouts
  • hydrates and restores elasticity - a necessary step in anti-aging
  • softens and smooths the skin
  • removes dead skin, makeup, and dirt
  • can help oil production and balance the skin

We combined all of these amazing benefits into one product that can be used as a foundational staple in your routine.

INGREDIENTS: olive oil, grapeseed oil, chia seed oil, rosehip seed oil, tangerine essentail oil, geranium essential oil, vegetable glycerin

USE: 3x per week, rinse face with warm water. Blend dime-sized amount of oil in palms and blend onto face. Massage in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat. Rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry. Moisturize after use.

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