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Cocoa Butter Body Whip - Multiple Scents
Cocoa Butter Body Whip - Multiple Scents
Cocoa Butter Body Whip - Multiple Scents
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Cocoa Butter Body Whip - Multiple Scents

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This chocolate-like invigorating body whip is more than just a daily lotion.  It is jammed-packed with amazing components that enhance your skin and body.  With multiple options to choose from, these blends are sure to become your favorite body moisturizers!  This natural anti-aging body creme is so rich and concentrated that this 8oz jar will last much longer than any 8oz lotion you would purchase at the store.  A little goes a very, very, very, very long way. 

[8oz frosted glass jar]

What's all the hype about Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa butter is known for excessively dry skin, stretch marks, and scars... but it is so much more than that too! This natural ingredient is an anti-aging genius because it is FULL of anti-oxidants, healthy fatty acids, and a special anti-oxidant called Polyphenol which has been known to reverse/diminish signs of aging and remove skin conditions and rashes.  It is also known to fight inflammation, increase skin immunity and can even be used for shaving creams!

By itself, cocoa butter is rock solid and can take time to melt down.  This Cocoa Butter Body Whip is blended with two amazing oils to turn it into your new favorite lotion. Avocado Oil & Sweet Almond Oil are full of vitamins, can actually strengthen the skin, reduce inflammation and/or itching, and are very hydrating. These light oils help carry the cocoa butter into the deeper layers of the skin - a serious benefit that cocoa butter alone may not accomplish.

Which Blend is best for you?

Natural Scent: This naturally scented blend has no added essential oils and is cocoa butter hand whipped with avocado oil and sweet almond oil.  No scent is added, however this delicious version still smells rich of cocoa. 

Energize Scent: A light dash of orange and lemon essential oils are added the Cocoa Butter Body Whip blend to give it a lighter fresh scent.  Orange and lemon essential oils are rich in vitamin C and are known to give a person energy, so this is a great blend to use in the mornings or at times when you could use a nice boost.  

Relaxation Scent: Apply your cremes at night? This might be the best one for you! Blended with lavender and benzoin essential oils, this soft, warming scent is sure to help relax the mind and body.  Apply after a bath for a truly luxurious escape.

Romance Scent: If you like florals, this is the one for you.  Blended with geranium and ylang ylang essential oils, this blend will make you feel fresh and flirty and ready to take on any day! Ylang ylang is known as a calming, anti-stress oil and is historically used for newlyweds on their wedding night to enhance the spark.  Geranium is an anti-aging oil that is becoming known as a comparable oil to botox due to its amazing effects on muscle tissue.  These sweet oils are sure to attract.

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