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Cleansing Scrub - Anti-Aging Spa Collection
Cleansing Scrub - Anti-Aging Spa Collection
Cleansing Scrub - Anti-Aging Spa Collection
Cleansing Scrub - Anti-Aging Spa Collection
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Cleansing Scrub - Anti-Aging Spa Collection

$ 35.00

This cleansing scrub is part of the Wildflower Beauty by Jessica Spa Collection.  Formulated with the highest quality oils, and mixed with granules of our Baby Castile Soap, this Cleansing Scrub is amazing for the skin.  

The granules of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and raw sugar remove the dead layer of skin at the surface, exposing the dirt and oil under in the pores.  This allows the cleansing properties of the soap to work its way into the pores and cleanse deeper than usual.  

***You will not see bubbles with this cleansing scrub.  The baby castile soap provides a creamy cleanse, not a bubbled lather cleanse.  Do not scrub excessively to create bubbles - the cleansing will occur without them.

Avocado oil, olive oil and jojoba oils are included within this scrub because of their known ability to restore the skin, repair damage, and restore fatty acids. These three high-end oils are the prefect blend for anti-aging.

Frankincense and Geranium essential oils are both incorporated into this scrub to really heighten the anti-aging properties. These oils are known for aging by aiding in cellular turnover, restoring youth cells, reversing the aging process and even firming the skin.  Geranium has been said to resemble botox due to its effects on the skin, but 100% natural of course.

Please remember that not all essential oils are created equal. We only use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils that have gone through extensive testing and show results of being 100% pure.  

INGREDIENTS: granulated sugar, pink himalayan sea salt, avocado oil, pure baby castile soap (100% saponified olive oil and sunflower oil), olive oil, jojoba oil, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils of frankincense and geranium... THAT'S IT!

This scrub is packaged in an 8oz frosted glass jar (double the size of our other scrubs)

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