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Linen Spray - Lavender
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Linen Spray - Lavender

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If you're trying to make your linens small refreshing, there is a natural way to do it.  Stop filling the air (and your linens) with chemicals, and utilize these wonderfully scented essential oil sprays to refresh your home.

The lavender blend is an amazing night time pillow spray, or something to utilize in the evenings to help your family unwind.  Wild and crazy children? Sneak into their rooms right before bedtime and fill the air with this amazing spray before reading to them and tucking them in at night.  You may really notice a difference when you start to see them quickly calm down and become relaxed and quiet. Wink Wink! It's amazing.

Are your dogs afraid of rain storms or lightening? Spray their beds and/or blankets with this blend to help reduce their anxiety and calm down. 

This floral scent doesn't have to be to calm things down around the house if you just like the scent, but it may just help! 

INGREDIENTS: witch hazel, glycerine, lavender essential oil, distilled water.

USE: Shake well. Spritz over linens or into open air to freshen.  Use as often as desired. Always do a small test area when spraying linens and spray at least 12 inches away from fabric surface.

[2oz glass bottle]

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