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Laundry Detergent - Sanitize Blend
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Laundry Detergent - Sanitize Blend

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This laundry detergent is CHEMICAL FREE! Seriously! 

The natural ingredients in this blend do a fantastic job washing clothes, and do it without any chemicals, additives, artificial scents, etc.  Your clothes should come out of the washer/dryer smelling like nothing, not like a strongly scented burst of your detergent.  

This is a sanitation blend because of the essential oils we add to it.  Although there is a light scent of those oils before you add it to the wash, there will not be a scent that stays with your clothing.  Natural scents cannot withstand the heat of any dryer so we want your clothes to smell as they should... like nothing! :)

USE: scoop 1 to 2 TBS into dry detergent container in washing machine.  For light loads, use 1 TBS, for larger or soiled loads use 2 TBS.  Turn on washer like normal.  Can be used in HE machines and on any cycle setting but is best dissolved in warm or hot water.

INGREDIENTS: washing soda, baking soda, grated Baby Castile (100% saponified olive oil & sunflower oil), essential oils of lavender & tea tree.

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