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Gym Guru Shower Kit
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Gym Guru Shower Kit

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If you workout on a routine basis, or work in a sweaty environment, you probably know that your skin can easily suffer if you're not careful.  Help your body remove that top layer of sweaty skin, reduce the chance of breakouts, and rehydrate your skin down deep into your muscles for a better feeling body the day after a hard workout or hard day's work. 


  • Face Creme
  • 1/2 shampoo bar (normal hair)
  • Charcoal Soap
  • Refresh & Muscle Body Oil Spray
  • Renewal Salt Scrub
  • Deodorant Creme (add on)



After the gym, the buildup of sweat in your pores can lead to a long road of troubled breakouts and clogged pores/blackheads/whiteheads.  The products in this kit are designed to extract those pores without drying the skin.  

The Charcoal Soap detoxes the skin and pulls out impurities.  The Salt Scrub is great for face or body (limit use on face to avoid dryness) and helps remove the top layer of sweat and dry skin, surface layer dirt and oil, and aids in skin rejuvenation.  The face needs to be hydrated every time it is washed, which is where the Face Creme comes in.  It reduces inflammation, acts as a natural astringent and is full of antioxidants.  This should also be applied on the back/shoulders for those who are prone to back breakouts. 

Washing the hair is a must when one sweats a lot, and this travel size Shampoo Bar is easy to take with you and makes showering at the gym a lot more effective than bringing bottles of shampoo/conditioner.  Plus, it's 100% natural! 

Lastly, you want to hydrate the skin and avoid muscle soreness... why not accomplish those two feats together? This Body Oil Spray, Refresh & Muscle, is blended with oils that are known for reducing muscle soreness and awakening the mind by stimulating energy.  Blended with light carrier oils, this Body Oil will soak into the skin leaving you moisturized all day.  It can be applied to dry or damp skin and rubs on easily.  For seriously sore muscle areas, you can massage it in like a massage oil.  It's amazing, and so are you for working hard at the gym!

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