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Rose Water Face Mist
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Rose Water Face Mist

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Rose petals are known for being sensual, luxurious, feminine and full of scent.  Rosewater takes all of the benefits of rose petals (like their anti-aging capabilities, antioxidants, healing properties) and puts them into a mist that can be absorbed by the skin.  Rosewater hydrosol is a steam distillation of rose petals that converts these benefits into a liquid instead of an oil.  Still 100% natural, this floral scented face mist is refreshing, hydrating, and truly luxurious for the skin.

Not to be confused with our Lavender Rose Face Mist (see below for details) the Rose Water Face Mist is for hydration, anti-aging, and restoring the skin.  

INGREDIENTS: white rose hydrosol, organic aloe juice, cucumber extract, rosehip seed oil... THAT'S IT!

USE: Shake well, spritz 1 to 2 sprays over face, holding about 8in away from face. When spritzing, keep eyes and mouth closed. Allow to soak in and dry before applying makeup. Can be used on top of makeup, but only use 1 spritz to avoid too much moisture on the skin, causing some types and/or brands of makeup to run. 

Lavender Rose Face Mist: This product differs greatly from the Rose Water Face Mist, even though their names may be simliar.  The Lavender Rose Face Mist is primarily aloe juice, blended with apple cider vinegar (ACV), that's main function is a face toner.  It does hydrate due to the high volume of aloe juice, and added lavender and rose from essential oils, but its main function is a face toner.  This mist primarily has a lavender scent, and at first will have the ACV scent, which will quickly fade shortly after application, whereas the Rose Water Face Mist's scent is white rose.

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