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Baby Castile Soap & Shampoo - All natural
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Baby Castile Soap & Shampoo - All natural

$ 7.50

This 100% natural and handmade baby soap is great for your little one's skin. It is a castile soap, so would be fantastic for those at any age with the most sensitive skin.  

This is also a shampoo, and makes that baby hair so super soft! You can put a small dash of the Baby Night Time Crème on the hair after a bath as a leave-in conditioner and you will be shocked at that baby silk hair! 

This soap is NOT tearless, so it is very important to use with a washcloth on the face area and be aware of the eye area. This creamy lather is the softest type of lather you can get!  Tilt baby head back when rinsing hair and wipe off face if it runs down over eyes.  Tearless shampoos are made with chemicals, so a truly natural wash will not have the tearless component.  

INGREDIENTS: 100% saponified olive oil, sunflower oil.

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