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Bath Bomb - Palmarosa
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Bath Bomb - Palmarosa

$ 4.00

Every single ingredient in our bath bombs is natural, safe, and technically edible! Of course, please do not eat the bath bombs ;)

What is Palmarosa?
Palmarosa is a type of flower that looks similar to the traditional Hawaiian flower, the Frangipani. This flower produces sweet smelling essential oil that may be too flowery for some, until they see what this oil can do...

Benefits of Palmarosa:
Anti-anxiety, antiseptic, bactericidal, hydrating, stimulates digestive and circulatory tracks, uplifts mind and is known for use during flu epidemics to rid the symptoms.

Made with baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, sunflower oil, epsom salts and essential oils, these amazing bath bombs fill the tub with aromatherapy, fizz, and soften the water like bath oils leaving your skin soft and smooth.

These bath bombs are about 1.5in diameter, and are the perfect size for one bath each.

These are also safe for children, just please monitor as if it gets in nose or eyes, stinging will occur.

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