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Bath Bomb - Eucalyptus Scent
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Bath Bomb - Eucalyptus Scent

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Every single ingredient in our bath bombs is natural, safe, and technically edible! Of course, please do not eat the bath bombs ;)

Made with baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, sunflower oil, epsom salts and essential oils, these amazing bath bombs fill the tub with aromatherapy, fizz, and soften the water like bath oils leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Eucalyptus is the go-to spa scent that automatically puts you into a state of relaxation.  These bath bombs are very STRONGLY SCENTED and are best for adults.  Although diluted in the tub, these bath bombs are perfect for clearing up sinus issues and aiding in muscle relief.

These bath bombs are about 1.5 in. diameter and are the perfect size for one bath each.

Our 100% NATURAL bath bombs can often crack or lump since no glue or adhesive components are used.  Humidity and natural weather conditions can play a huge factor in the possibility of this happening.  It is very possible to receive bath bombs with those conditions but there is NOTHING WRONG with them.  They will still work beautifully in the tub, and are always made fresh for the best quality possible.  The true experience is what happens in the tub, and that experience is what makes us the most popular place to get bath bombs in the greater Winter Garden, FL area!  

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