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Nursing Balm for Mom and Baby
Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Nursing Balm for Mom and Baby

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Nursing your new baby is something to celebrate, however due to dry, irritated, or chapped nipples this process can be painful for some.

This 100% natural Nursing Balm is formulated with the most soothing ingredients that are safe for you, and baby.  This balm is formulated with whipped cocoa butter that melts away on your skin so you don't have to press hard when blending.  It has aloe gel mixed in to help the healing process and for top notch prevention, plus a light olive oil infused with calendula and chamomile flowers*.  There are many ingredients that babies should not ingest or are prone to have allergic reactions to, which is why we left out things like Vitamin E, beeswax, and almond/hazelnut nut oils.  

INGREDIENTS: cocoa butter, olive oil infused with chamomile & calendula petals, and aloe gel... That's It!

USE: apply to nipple area following every feeding, and as often as needed to prevent additional dryness.  It is always standard practice to clean nipple area before nursing, so applying this balm directly after is usually most effective.

*These flowers are infused into the olive oil for 2 hours over stovetop.  The well-known healing and anti-inflammatory properties of the flowers infuse into the oil so that the flowers can strained out without losing any of the benefits.  Flowers are fully strained out of the oil, but tiny flecks may appear visible in the balm. These are perfectly safe, common, and normal.

Learn some more about how we make our Nursing Balm in the 2 videos below.  As a mom myself with zero extra time, you can see me "in the raw" below with zero makeup and zero time to beautify myself. :) 



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